A person’s identity is unique. It is determined and documented by selected attributes whose geometry and combination are distinctive. Today, identity relates not only personal characteristics, but also the functional features necessary in an increasingly global, mobile and digital world.

Trüb AG, a specialist in security printing for over 100 years, is a leading supplier of physical and electronic identification solutions. In close cooperation with customers we develop concepts, solutions and products which satisfy the most exacting demands and international standards in terms of security, functionality and quality.

The Trüb Group’s product portfolio extends to national travel and identity documents (Governmental solutions), card solutions for cashless payment (Banking solutions) and solutions for physical and logical access (Access solutions).

The group embraces a number of European companies which are among the leading solution providers in their respective sphere of competence. State governments, financial institutions, health systems, public transport organizations and private businesses worldwide place their trust in the innovativeness, security, reliability and customer orientation of the Trüb Group.